Sea Kayaking Trips & Courses

Thanks to the Firth of Forth’s unique geography and environment we are able to offer a varied selection of trips to suit all, taking in some amazing wildlife, geology and history on our journeys. So, why not come and join us on one of our trips and explore and discover this wonderful coastline.

Skills Courses

Each day we spend sea kayaking further expands our skills and knowledge, creating a more enjoyable experience on the water. We never stop learning. But, the sea has a temperament and character of its own, which when understood can make those journeys even more rewarding. Weather, tides and charts should be considered, journeys planned and self care paramount when embarking on that step to independent paddling.

The Sea Kayak Award is a certificated course (if you choose to take the assessment) but you can also attend the skills course if you just wish to gain confidence and would like to develop and/or refresh your sea kayaking skills

sea kayak skills courses

Family Trips

We love sharing sea kayaking with children from age 5 to 12 in our double sea kayaks, with an adult. But don't worry, we have single sea kayaks for the bigger kids (13+). Nobody is too old to kayak so bring granny and grandpa too! Children, teenagers, parents and grandparents can all go out together allowing the whole family to have a fantastic time! The session will last for 2 hours and will allow families to go bird and seal spotting along the coast.

family sea kayak trip

Half Day Intro Trips

Learn the basic skills to get safely onto the water and enjoy the freedom of sea kayaking with a short journey.

Half day sessions are ideal for beginners as they will equip you with the essential kayaking skills to get you started and out for a short sea kayak journey. No previous experience is necessary.

Arriving at the beach, we will get into our dry cags and buoyancy aids, and set up the kayaks to suit each person. Whilst on the beach we will cover the basics in how to control the kayak, and then we will get on the water in the bay to try it out. Once everyone is feeling confident that they can make the boat go forwards, backwards/stop and turn, we will head out on our journey that will suit the group.

half day sea kayak trip

Full Day Trips

Offering both beginner and intermediate trips to cater for all abilities.

Beginner trips are for those who have been in a kayak before and would like to go further a field, visit more islands, find more secluded beaches and practise basic journeying skills.

Intermediate trips are aimed at those who have some sea kayaking experience. The sea state is likely to be a bit bumpy so a minimum of 5 journeys in a sea kayak is preferable. Rock hopping, sea caves and surf may all be encountered.

full day sea kayak trip

Evening Trips

Our evening trips are ideal for all as they will equip beginners with the essential kayaking skills to get started as well as provide a platform for more experienced paddlers to practise skills.

We aim to start around 6pm, but can be flexible to allow for finishing work and getting on the water where we will get into our kit and head out on our journey.

sea kayak evening trip