Terms & Conditions

The dull stuff but none the less important. Please take time to read the terms and conditions. We do our best to be as reasonable as possible. If there are any questions or concerns please contact us on duneideannseakayaking@gmail.com or call on 07786510771.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Activity Terms and Conditions

Voucher Terms and Conditions

Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking have exceptional safety standards with an impressive safety record. We aim to provide an amazing experience to all our guests and are committed to providing the highest standard with all of our trips and courses. We make every effort to minimise risk and provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience, however it must be stressed that there is an element of risk associated to any outdoor activity and as such, when joining us for an activity every participant must acknowledge that we have made you aware of this and agree to these terms and conditions.

Booking Terms and Conditions

1. Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking reserves the right to change the venue or the activity or to postpone or cancel any trip if we feel weather conditions on the day of the trip could cause safety issues

2. Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking accept bookings either online, email, telephone or by written letter. Payment can be made by PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cleared Cheque or Cash. (You do not need to have a Paypal account. You can click on the link and use your credit or debit card to make payment.)

3. Bookings are accepted when Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking receives payment in full. Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking reserves the right to make exceptions to the above where instances dictate.

4. All cancellations must be advised in writing and by the person who originally made the booking with Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking. Cancellations are accepted from the date Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking receives confirmation of cancellation in writing by letter or email

5. Cancellations incur the following charges:

- Loss of 50% of full payment 5 days prior to the activity date.

- Charged full amount for cancellation within 1 day of the activity date.

- Notification prior to 14 days before date of activity of a change in numbers attending will have the deposit amount amended with the outstanding balance with no loss of deposit, Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking reserve the right to change this policy without notice for any reason.

6. In the event that Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking need to cancel:

- Due to weather: if the weather creates a safety concern, either before or during the experience, we may cancel the experience. If this happens, you will be fully refunded or offered the opportunity to reschedule. If you reschedule an experience, the cancellation policy is based on the new start date of the experience.

7. All invoices and outstanding balances must be paid on the date of the trip or no later than 30 days of the date of invoice. Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking charge all outstanding accounts at 2.5% interest for every seven days thereafter

8. Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking reserve the right to make alterations to website listings, and any other company documents, before and after any booking has been received and confirmed. Most of these changes will be minor and in most cases we will inform you at the earliest opportunity

9. Even though Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking carries full Public Liability Insurance, it is strongly suggested that participants carry their own personal accident policy that covers them for the activity they are undertaking. Personal accident policies are usually available from your own insurance broker or you can try JS Insurance.

10. On signing or completing a ‘Participation Form’ or other Company Document, or receiving a trip confirmation, or booking you agree to honor and abide by the Booking Terms and Conditions and Activity Terms and Conditions as documented by Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking. You acknowledge that all the participants in your party are aware of these terms and conditions prior to the activity date

Activity Terms and Conditions

IN CONSIDERATION OF, and as part of the agreement for the opportunity to participate in the program, the activities, services and food arranged for me (if any) by Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking, I hereby agree:

1. I acknowledge I have read, understood and approved the following terms and conditions.

2. Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking have taken all reasonable steps to provide you with the level of care and assurances of safety appropriate to sea kayaking. However you should be aware that certain inherent risks remain, amongst other things, some of these risks can contribute to:

a) the loss or damage of your personal clothing or equipment, which may be caused by negligence, forces of nature and other causes known or unknown

b) feelings of discomfort, fear and apprehension, or even

c) accidental injury, illness, or trauma which in extreme but thankfully very rare cases, can be very serious.

3. The level of real (as opposed to apparent) risk associated with the activities of Dun Eideann Sea kayaking is very low. If you are not comfortable with any of the risks you should let that be known to us.

Things you may encounter include, but may not be limited to:

Physical effort. All our courses involve some physical effort, which at times may be more than you are used to. If you have medical conditions or injuries, past or present, which may make some activities ill-advised you should make us aware of them.

Sea Kayaking. All precautions will be taken, however, some situations may become stressful for some people. If you have an unusual aversion to water you should let that be known to us, although the ability to swim is NOT a requirement.

Slips and trips. Please be aware that the likelihood of falling over, or slipping is likely to be greater than you are used to.

- Notification prior to 14 days before date of activity of a change in numbers attending will have the deposit amount amended with the outstanding balance with no loss of deposit, Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking reserve the right to change this policy without notice for any reason

4. It is a requirement to declare all existing or recurring injuries including any fitness or medical conditions prior to undertaking the activity. Our instructors are first aid trained with the minimum 2 day outdoor first aid course, but please be aware that medical facilities may not be readily available during the program.

Dun Eideann Sea kayaking has clear obligations and responsibilities and we take these very seriously. However, we will be expecting participants to contribute to their own and each other’s safety by following the instructions of our staff.


I recognise:

- That Sea Kayaking may require an attitude and approach different from other activities I have been involved with,

- That the nature of the risks may be different to those which I am familiar with, that certain inherent risks remain

Voucher Terms and Conditions

1. Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking Gift Vouchers are Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase as indicated on the voucher.

2. Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash, however, they can be used as part payment for more expensive trips or courses.

3. Gift Vouchers can only be used once.

4. The bearer can use the voucher to make a booking online via our website. Or, alternatively, by getting in touch via phone or email, quoting the voucher reference number and completing the booking process.

5. Booking is subject to availability. The sea kayaking season runs from April to Mid October. Please book early in the season to avoid disappointment

6. There is no refund, postponement or voucher extension for a cancelled Booking unless Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking has cancelled the activity session.

7. Dun Eideann Sea Kayaking reserves the right to change the location of the activity booked subject to environmental conditions and or safety.

8. Normal Booking and Activity Terms and Conditions apply.